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As an all-inclusive centre to care for infants, children and women, we define ourselves as family-centric and value for money healthcare provider to all sections of society. Being trustworthy is our core value and as patients approach us with their medical needs, it is increasingly essential to cater to their trust first, then to anything else. We identify with the wants of our patients and respond in the same manner. Perhaps this is what sets us apart and gives our patients a home away from home and they feel like a family with us.

We have state-of-the-art facilities and a sophisticated set up with spacious private rooms. The hospital’s clinical staff includes a strong team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, an energetic team of consultants, well-trained nurses and paramedical personnel, and highly driven team of full- and part-time employees. The measure of our success is in the number of smiling faces. As a Women and Children’s Hospital, Abhilasha strives to send you home in perfect health.

Our Specialized Team

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